Tom Tom Farmer David Farmer David
Bass guitar, lead & backing vocals

One of the founder members of  Blackfoot Sue,  Tom has also worked with  Liner,  Outside EdgeNightshift, Skeleton Crew and ELO2 (Orkestra), amongst others.
Drums, backing vocals

Tom's twin brother, David is also a founder member of  Blackfoot Sue  and has also worked with BC Sweet, Sweet AD, Mungo Jerry,  Liner,  Outside EdgeELO2 (Orkestra) and Manfred Mann.

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Gary Farmer Gary Gary Gary Roberts 
Rhythm guitar, lead & backing vocals

Gary has worked with many bands including Blackfoot SueBC Sweet, Mud, Manfred Mann and Gary Moore.

Lead guitar

Completing the line-up
is Gary Roberts. Gary started in West London heavy rock band North Star, then moved on to the original Raw Glory in the early 90s. Following this, he played in various tribute bands including Cheep Purple, Wingsbanned, Elvis Tonight, Paul Rogers Experience, and then on to 70s band Mud. He recorded the Quatermass 2 album and performed with Mick Underwood and Nick Simper and most recently has played numerous sessions and deps.